About Me

Hi there! I’m Heather.

I believe in the power of compassion and that empathy is a superpower we all possess that gives us the ability to use our humanity to impact the lives of others and change the world.

I’m an writer and creative misfit whose passions are highlighting the greatness in others and inspiring change in both individuals and teams. I believe that when we are clear on our “why” and the values that drive us and live them in an authentic way, we are truly free: to pursue lives and careers that are  creative, fulfilling and of service to others.


I use my creative skills to encourage people, to foster a sense of community and to challenge others to see themselves and the world around them through a lens that both appreciates our unique differences and focuses on what we have in common: no matter who we are and where we come from, we all want to be safe, heard and happy.


I love to express my ideas through writing. My articles, essays and award-winning poetry has appeared in a number of magazines and blogs. I have over 15 years of leadership and communications experience in which I’ve helped business leaders and owners connect with their biggest asset, their people, in ways that are meaningful and productive. I also enjoy speaking and facilitating training for a wide variety of non-profit groups and businesses. If you are interested in working together on either a business related need or a creative project, please reach out to me at info@heather-hunter.com.




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